Eazipay - direct debit solutions for businesses

More and more businesses of all sizes are using Eazipay's direct debit services to collect regular payments from their clients.

Most businesses will benefit from collecting payments from their clients by direct debit as it:
  • Saves administration time chasing late payments
  • Improves cashflow by providing regular income at specific times
  • Provides a more professional service to clients and can help spread payments over a longer period of time.
Some myths about direct debit services:
  • You must collect monthly from your clients - as long as you collect at least once a year, then direct debit is for you
  • You must always collect the same amount - you can specify any amount to be collected by direct debit and it can change from debit to debit
  • You must collect at regular times - you can use 'Ad Hoc' payments to collect at any time from your clients... you just need to give them 10 days notice of your intention to collect
So unless you only ever collect one payment from each client (or collect less frequently than once per year), Eazipay's direct debit bureau service will help you.

To download a FREE direct debit brochure or request a free consultation, please visit Eazipay's website www.eazipay.co.uk