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I'm not in the adult industry - why are .xxx domains relevant?

From 6th December 2011, a new "Top-Level Domain" (TLD) aimed at the Adult Industry will be launched for general availabiliy - the .xxx TLD.
For most businesses, it is only important to understand enough to decide if it is relevant... and the answer will normally be no.
The main question you need to ask is: "How important is my brand or trademark and what would be the consequence of it being associated with the adult industry?" - if you may be concerned, then read on.

Example Toys'R'Us

If after 6th December, a new website called appeared, it would be unlikely to sell toys appropriate for the current Toys'R'Us market. Yet that site could come up on Google searches for " Toys r Us" and other similar searches. Although safe searching can be used to protect children, it will still have a negative effect on the Toys'R'Us brand.
So what can you do to protect your brand?

.xxx Sunrise B

Whatever does "Sunrise B" mean?
You can read all about this by following the link on our website, but in a nutshell, Sunrise B means:
  • Registered Trademark owners can register to have the .xxx version of their domain blocked from purchase - in the Toys'R'Us case, so that no one would be able to obtain
  • As long as no one applys for the domain under "Sunrise A" (the corresponding scheme of companies in the Adult Industry), the domain will be blocked from use
  • If another organisation does apply under Sunrise A, then they are likely to obtain the ,xxx domain in preference to your Sunrise B application as long as they either have a registered trademark or the corresponding domain in another TLD eg .com or In this case, although your Sunrise B application would not guarantee that the .xxx domain would be blocked, you will be informed about the Sunrise A application so you can take whatever steps you believe are necessary outside this scheme.

How much does it cost?

If you are a trademark owner and wish to register to have the .xxx version of your domain blocked under Sunrise B, the cost is £199+VAT - and you must act before 8th November when the domains will go on sale to Adult Industry companies.
If you do not have a trademark, you will need to wait until .xxx domains go on general release on 6th December.

Find out more

If you'd like to apply to block the .xxx version of your domain or pre-order the domain, please contact us - we'll be very happy to discuss the options with you. 
I hope you find this helpful
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